Cockroaches are close relatives to termites. It is believed their origins go back about 350 Million years, and in that time it is thought they have changed very little in body form.


Cockroaches belong in the order of Blattodea and are considered pests for numerous reasons, including the contamination of food products, allergic reactions, transmission of disease, not to mention the unpleasantness of having a house full of them.


Some common cockroaches found around the home are as follows.




American Cockroach



Preferring warm, moist areas, the American cockroach is one of the largest cockroaches that infests

buildings and homes.


An adult can get to 50 mm in length It harbours around pool edges, drains, sewers and even in

roof voids and cavity walls. The American cockroach is a reddish brown colour, with a tan to

yellow band on the edges of the pronotum (head).


It is a fully winged cockroach, that in warm weather will fly for short distances at a time. It seems to prefer organic matter as a food source, but will happily eat most human and pet foods.

This cockroach has an adult lifespan of about 8 - 12 months. In this time, the female can lay up to 50 egg cases, containing up to 28 eggs. The ootheca (egg case) is frequently laid upon boxes and other packaging, these get transferred to other premises, which helps greatly with the distribution of this species.


Once the eggs hatch, the nymphs will take about 6 -12 months to reach adulthood. Adults can survive in good conditions for up to 3 months without food.







German Cockroaches


German Cockroaches are about 12mm to 15mm. They are a light brown cockroach with two dark coloured stripes along the pronotum (head).

The German cockroach is about the most widespread and successful cockroach that is known as a pest to man. This cockroach seeks warmth, moisture and food which is why they are very commonly encountered around kitchens.


The success of this cockroach is greatly due to their life cycle. From hatching, the german cockroach takes only about 45 days to adulthood and is ready to lay its own eggs, and as the female carries the ootheca (egg sac) until a day or two before it is ready to hatch, it is unlikely that it will be cleaned away by the owner, or eaten by scavengers. The ootheca has about 40 eggs in it and up to five oothecas may be produced in one year by the female.


The german cockroach also owes part of its success to how frequently man transports it from place to place. Often the ootheca is glued to flaps in a box, or in the folds of a bag or under the labeling of a product. When this happens, people often bring the ootheca into their home from shops, markets, take away shops etc. It is a good idea to unpack the goods, and discard what ever they were bought home in.








Brownbanded Cockroach


The Brownbanded Cockroach is about 10 - 14mm in length. It is a pale brown colour with quite pale bands across its thorax and abdomen.


Brownbanded cockroach will frequently make a home in houses, restaurants and factories. Unlike the German cockroach, the Brownbanded cockroach often infests an entire home, rather than just the kitchen. Quite an active cockroach, on warm days or if disturbed, the Brownbanded cockroach will take to flight.


Preferring warm conditions, it will glue its ootheca to wardrobes, around light fittings, around appliances even behind wallpaper. The nymphs take about 4 months to mature to adults, and generally will live for another 6 months. In this time the female can produce 13 egg cases each with up to 18 eggs in it.








Bark Cockroach


A very common cockroach around Perth homes. The Black Bark Cockroach harbours around mulch and organic matter. It rarely comes indoors, but can be a nuisance around homes especially to people who have a dislike of cockroaches. Frequently appearing in warmer conditions, especially around homes with mulch, or a lot of leaf litter or timber stacks around the house.




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